Antók’s Engineering Office

We provide:

Server Infrastructure Items, Components, Server Parts (HPE, IBM, Lenovo). Replacing and support End of Life products.

Cybersecurity and IT security solutions. Infrastructure security (F-Secure, Stormshield), Human risk management (Teramind, WALLIX), Artificial intelligence (Grey Wizard, Vectra Networks), Secure messaging (Babelnet, MailStore), Industrial security (Waterfall security).

High-quality machines, technologies and equipment for cable and duct laying and testing technology (Lancier Cable, Carima, NTest).

We represent the following companies in Hungary:

Lancier Cable GmbH

Lancier is a German company, that produces comprehensive and high-quality range of machines and equipment for the cable-laying industry including:

Cable rollers
Cable blowing-in-systems
Continuous duct rods
Cable pulling grips
Cable drum coiling, lifting transporting equipments
Cable caterpillars
Rope blowing equipments
Cable pulling winches
Cable drum trailers
Vibration cable ploughs

Carima S.r.l.

Carima is an Italian company, specialised in the production and supply of lubricants for laying optical fibre, electrical wiring and industrial cables.

NTest inc.

NTest is a US located company, that develops and manufactures FiberWatch™, the world’s leading Remote Fiber Test System (RFTS) that monitors the physical integrity of fiber-optic networks. In case of a cable fault, this system gives a detailed report with the GPS coordinates of the fault location.